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Welcome to the World Characters

Future Characters

Proven Destroyer

Age: 21 (2nd September)

Class: Knight

As a Knight, Pro's main equipment is his sword and shield, at this point in time, he is still using his starter blade and wooden shield. Swords and shields are in the mid-range of game weaponry, they're versatile with slight magic potential, but they're not as powerful as more magic based weaponry.  


Pro comes across as very serious and strategically minded, able to analyse a situation and come up with a plan very easily. His gaming knowledge is that of an extream pro-gamer, having owned and played every type of game from the popular to the bizarre. Their reasons for joining the game have not been fully revealed as of yet, but they most likely started playing just out of curiosity.

Side Characters

Keep an eye out for these characters, they will be back soon.

Main Cast

Scale Blaze

Age: ? (9th August)

Class: Outlaw

As an Outlaw, Blaze uses handguns as his main weapons. Handguns are only accessible to outlaws, they are primarily long-ranged weapons that can be amplified with elemental enhancers. Blaze's personal weapons have not been seen as of yet.

Blaze is an officer within The World, his job involves giving tutorials to beginning player, offering advice, and making sure people obey the rules of the game world. He is very patient, but also playful, and will play a bigger role as time goes on.

Killer King (Kerri Knight)

Age: 22 (12th June)

Class: Cyborg

As a Cyborg, King has access to energy weapons in the form of both blades and blasters. Because energy based weapons are more powerful than other weapon types, they have a loading period before firing ranged attacks and close ranged attacks only last for a limited time. This loading and lasting time decrease and increases respectively with each level up. 

In terms of personality, King comes across as very wide-eyed and excitable, her gaming knowledge is very minimal, but she learns quickly through practical experiences. Her reasons for joining the game have not been fully revealed as of yet, but she does see it as a chance for a fresh start.

True Mage

Age: 22 (1st March)

Class: Earth Mage

As an Earth Mage, True has access to all types of elemental magic. Because they can access all base elemental magic, True is unable to control any secondary magic abilities or wield any kind of weaponry. Instead, True fights with long ranged magic and hand-to-hand combat. 

True is very confident and easy-going, often charging into situations and not taking things seriously. Their gaming knowledge is at that of a casual mobile gamer, they understand some of the mechanics but often skips over things they see as boring. Their reasons for joining the game have not been fully revealed as of yet, but they're most likely in it just for fun.

Kathryn Mills