Kathryn Mills

My Skill:  Story Telling Through Visual Media

Here are some stories I have written in my spare time, you can also find all of these on my FanFiction Account.

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Sequel to my story, From the Start, Fem!Hiccup story. A year after their wedding, Hicca and Dagur face their next big milestone, along with a few bumps and funny moments in the road :) Follow the continuation of their relationship as they lead their tribes, train new dragons, and become parents.

*Requested by Meiniv* Based on the Greek story of Galatea and Acis, with a little HTTYD flare thrown in :) Hiccup the water sprite and his dragon, Toothless, are protectors of the river. One day everything seemed normal, until someone falls into his river, that someone being Dagur the forest spirit. Rated M for later chapters :)

This is a Fem!Hiccup Genderbend fic, which takes place a year after the Tv series. The Valhalla crystal is said to give a person the power of the gods, what happens when Hicca and her friends discover it? Rated M for later chapters, I'll put a warning above. Enjoy :)

Fem!Hiccup, DagurCup story. What if the relationship between Dagur and Hicca had been different right from the start. Slowly escalating from friendship, to love, to marriage. Slight OOC, Rated M for final chapter. Updated, enjoy :)

Finished Stories‚Äč

Written Work

Requested story, the TV series of How to Train Your Dragon, but with Fem!Hiccup and a few other Genderbent characters. Full disclaimer and description inside :) With the dragons and Vikings united, things seem to changing for the better. But new enemies are threatening Berk, and many new dragons need training, as well as new riders.

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