Kathryn Mills

My Skill:  Story Telling Through Visual Media

Life Sized Patamon Plushie (2' tall, including wings, and 1'3'' long) + £20 selling price = Happy Customers :)

Step 9. Finally sew the two halves together and stuff until soft and squishy.

Step 8. Now for the eyes, for me it was actually easier to cross stitch them and then sew them on to the head.

Step 7. Now you can start stuffing and attaching the different elements to the main body. 

Step 6. For the wings, sew the twos sides together and thread wire or pipe-cleaners along the ridge to help give them shape. 

Step 5. Work up to the rest of the body attaching as you go, save the main body till last. I also changed my sewing style part way through the legs, you can see the difference in the second image.

Step 4. Start small, I started with the feet/paws.

Step 3. Cut fabric into parts.

Step 2. Buy Fabric, I went for Crushed Velour, and Cut stencils.

Step 1. Planning.

Step 1. Planning.




This is part of a series of collaborative animation I am making with some friends of mine. We’re making several funny animated animal shorts inspired by the original stop motion animations; Creature Comforts. This scene is one I will be animation myself involving a hamster stuck in a ball, and a curious kitten. Unfortunetly the Hamster wasn't finished in time, so the Kitten now has a solo career.

Now that my university Animations are finished I would like to branch out more, so I am currently working on making cuddly toys and plushies. This first one is for my friend Grant for his upcoming coming cosplay, is the character Patamon, from Digimon Adventures.

Making Plushies / Cuddly Toys​