Kathryn Mills

My Skill:  Story Telling Through Visual Media

These two videos show examples of my editing. The first is a requested animation made for the George Beamish Youtube channel, the images were made on Photoshop and them cut together with sound in Premier. The second video is a show-reel I made by cutting together parts of my animations and drawings. >

Most recently my character designs have been for my own original work, however I have also done some designs for Frank Steadman and his upcoming 2D platform game, Anchorhead.

George Beamish - George Beamish Youtube Channel

"One of the finest uses of my cowardice I've ever seen, love the creativity." 

Digital Drawings

Reviews for Valhalla Crystal

"I cant explain what I am feeling I love this story", "It is SUPER MEGA AWESOME! I love you this rollercoaster of a story was amazing", "This story was absolutely amazing, and OMG, I literally want to write my own squeal to this, but I don't think I could do it enough justice for how absolutely AMAZING this fic was! Please, please, PLEASE MAKE A SQUEl!", "Awesome! That had to be one of the best fight scenes I've ever read on fanfiction!" 

Character Design


Creative Writing


Ryan Reece - Citrix Business Services Co-Director

"Kathryn got it 100% spot on! Considering we didn't know what we wanted, she certainly pulled it out of the bag!"

Supernatural/Adventure - Chapter 12

In progress

Character Design has always been a vital part of story telling, and it's a part I particularly enjoy. The slight changes in the look and feel of a character can effect the entire story >

Photography is one of the subjects I studied in College, I really enjoy take photos of sunsets and scenic places. While at ACT training I had more lessons in photography. >

While in University, storyboarding was a major part of planning animation, and it was a part I greatly enjoyed. I liked the planning stages just as much as creating the animation. >

While in University I was taught how to write scripts for different medias, but I also enjoy creative writing for my online stories. These are often multi-chapter Fantasy/Adventure stories. >

What I can do

These three pieces are three of my favourites from this year. The first is a profile picture I made for Rory Dean AKA Proven Destroyer on Twitch and Youtube. The second is a personal piece created as a practice poster for my upcoming Comic series. The third is a poster I made for a competition, it is now featured at O'callahan's Coffee House in Trefforest >

Rory Dean - Proven Destroyer Twitch Channel

"If I ever get like past 100 subscriber or something like that, and get fanarts drawn, I would still keep her work." 

All of these were made during my final year in university, these are the animatics made from the storyboards. These means taking the images from the storyboard and turning them into movie pictures, similar to a 2D animation, however the motion is a lot choppier since it's not meant to be a complete animation and is used more to get a sense of timing and direction >


An a university graduate in Computer Animation, I have used this skill for both short stories and adverts. Examples include my Spy vs. Robot animation, the opening animation for Citrix Business Services and the ACT Training video. >

The first two photos were taken at Reading Festival in August 2015 and at Cathays train station in September 2015, I really like these shots because of the colours and the frame created by the scenery. The third photo was taken near Mount. Snowdon in April 2014, again I like the colour contrast between the green scenery and the white stone house. >

Video Editing

Supernatural/Adventure - Chapter 23


Frank Steadman - Creator of Anchorhead

"Exceptionally talented"

As I have advertised, my main skill is Story Telling through Visual Media. However this does not limit my to just animation. My skills also include, character design, creative writing, digital drawing, script writing, film critic, sewing, storyboarding, photography and video editing. You can find examples of my work both bellow and in 'My Portfolio'.

Romance/Family - Chapter 39


Before starting university I had only basic knowledge of video editing. But while leaning animation, we were taught how to cut videos together with sound and how to add visual effects.  >

In terms of my drawing style I have grown very skilled with digital drawings on Photoshop. I have done these both for personal projects and as requests for others. >

While I greatly enjoyed animating my first ever original story, in Spy vs. Robot. I had just as much fun creating the Citrix and ACT videos. The Citrix animation is now being used on their adverts and on their website, and the ACT video is being used by Craig Keane during the introduction tutorials and meetings.