Kathryn Mills

My Skill:  Story Telling Through Visual Media

People I Admire

The Guy with the Glasses (Doug Walker) (1981)

Unlike the others I admire, Doug Walker isn't an artist or writer. He's actually a film critic on Youtube and creator of the comedy web series, League of Super Critics. 

His online character, Nostalgia Critic, is very sarcastic with an off-beat personality, often described as high energy and shamelessly nerdy. Although most of his review sketches do mock the obvious mistakes and bad points in movies, he also gives his honest opinion and uses a lot of well thought out reasoning. He has also created videos outlining the high points and thought process behind more recent movies and animation, such as why ‘Tom and Jerry is Genius’ and ‘Why is Nothing Original Anymore’.

Markiplier (Mark Fischbach) (1989) and JackSepticEye (Sean Mclaughlin) (1990)

I have put these two in the same section because I admire them for the same reasons.They have both become famous through YouTube by making comedy playthrough videos, in recent months their numbers of subscribers has grown to 9.6 Million for Markiplier and 6.4 Million for JackSepticEye.  

Markiplier is an American YouTube of German and Korean dissent. His first successful videos were the Amnesia Playthroughs, and since then has spread out into mini-games, collaborations and comedy sketches with his fellow YouTubers. Jack is an Irish gamer who started his YouTube career while in collage studying Hotel Management. His most popular videos are long running series, including Happy Wheels, Sims, and Escapist. Though he also plays mini-games similar to Markiplier, and games which use the Oculus Rift 3D vision.

The reason for their online success, is most likely due to their constant care for their fans, in many videos they have both expressed that they wouldn't be where they were without their viewers. They both work hard to be entertaining and make people laugh through their videos, while also preventing cyber bullying and hatful messages in their cyber communities, at the same time enjoying their work to the full. 

They are not the only YouTube stars to do this, but they are two of my favourites.

Monty Oum (1981 - 2015)

After discovering the gaming and comedy company known as Rooster Teeth, it quickly became clear to me that one of its most hard working and creative animators, was Monty Oum.

At the age of 21he discovered a reverse engineering technique which allowed him to extract characters from their games, he then used these to create his first popular series of animations, Ultimate Showdown. In 2010, Monty was officially hired by Rooster Teeth as an animator for the company’s long running series, Red vs. Blue. After the shows 10th season, Monty pitched his own idea for a web series, and became the lead animator and creative director for RWBY in 2014.

Mark Crilley (1966)

Mark Crilley is one of those artist who I actually found by accident, I stumbled across one of his video tutorials and ended up watching 20 in a row. He has a very relaxed and friendly way of addressing his audience, but always keeps the focus on what he’s drawing.

His video tutorials are easy to follow, he often explains what he’s going to do, talking you through the more complex parts, and then time-lapsing through the more repetitive stages. He has also written and drew the Comic book series', Miki Falls and Brody’s Ghost, and has several How to Draw books to his name. His work can be found on both Youtube and Devintart, and his books can be purchased at most book stores.

Alex Hirsch (1985)

Despite only being in his early 30's, Alex Hirsch is already a successful animator, storyboard artist, voice actor and television producer. He was formally a storyboard artist for Cartoon Network, and was the director, producer, writer and actor for the short film, Off the Wall. However, he is best known for creating one of my favourite shows, Gravity Falls.

I really admire the series for its creativity, and ingenious plot twists that always keep you guessing. The two main characters of the show are based on Alex and his own twin sister, Ariel, and illustrates the adventures they used to imagine when they were younger.   

Bleedman (Vinson Ngo)

I love this artist's comics and art work​, I think he has a very unique style and his storytelling is very fluid and consistent. 

His comics on Snafu-comics are all fan based and draw inspiration from his favourite childhood characters, he is very skilled at giving new life to these characters, as show in the Grim Tales, Sugar Bits and Power Puff Girls comics. Bleedman used to do the writing and art for all of these comics, but recently he has been able to hire new writers and artists for the comics, allowing him to do more requested work on his Devintart account.