Kathryn Mills

My Skill:  Story Telling Through Visual Media

< Trying out a new style with much more detail, although maybe next time I'll go for some easier lighting. Some people have gotten confused about which direction she's falling, but she's actually in a weightless environment. Really happy with how this turned out.

< A mini comic I made for my friend Rory, He plays the game Dark Souls on his Twitch account, and this picture is based around his character's fight against Smough and Ornstine.

> A series of pictures inspired by different dace and music styles. I was having a problem with Photoshop so I messed about on Power Point instead, and this just happened. I will definitely be doing more of these.  

< Made for my friend's cafe that opened up in Trefforest. They want to advertise that they serve coffee, and they love cats. So eventually I came up with this design. He's so cute!

> Character design for hamster in my Collaboration animation. The colour scheme is based on my other cat, Teddy, and also drawing a little inspiration from Jerry the Mouse, from Tom and Jerry.

< Character design for the kitten in my Collaboration animation. Based on my own cat, Freya.

< This picture was created while trying out a new technique on Photoshop. Mostly for my boyfriend who loves living near heavily wooded areas, I took a photo in the woods near where he lives, and drew it on Photoshot while adding in a tree stump seat.

> This is an idea I've been bouncing around for a while, when you listen to a song and something about the lyrics just catches you and tells a story. This one is based on the song, Dreaming by the Maine. I'm actually really happy with the overall design, the background turned out really well.

< You will be seeing this picture a lot on this web sight. It's one of my favourite pieces I've done, based off of a dream I've had where the entire world is a game, and this is my character.

Posters and Detailed Work

‚ÄčThese pieces were made for University/ Professional work, so a lot more time was taken to get these up to a better standard. You can click on the images to enlarge them.