Kathryn Mills

My Skill:  Story Telling Through Visual Media

This is another animation for my friend George's Youtube channel. He dose some really cool game plays on his channel and this animation comes from this video. We played the game together, and both hated it.

Explainer Video made for ACT Training services. I actually came across these guys by accident, but they liked the work I'd done before and asked me to make this for them. These guys are now training me to work at the BBC, so that was really lucky.

Opening animation made for Citrix Business Services. They seemed really happy with the result, so I'm happy too.

Almost finished this personal project, unfortunetly there are some problems with the skinning, but I'm still very happy with the results.
Modelling, Texturing and Rigging by Charlotte Roberts.

Loved working on this, so cute :) Originally there was going to be a hamster in this sequence as well, unfortunately he wasn't finished in time :( So instead, this cute kitten scene was inspired by the Pixar short Luxo Jr. (Notice the Ball) and the Youtube series, Simon's Cat. Modelled and Textured by Oliver Grant and Rigged by Charlotte Roberts.

Really happy with how this turned out for my Final Year Collaborative Animation :) The songs are Billie Jean by Michael Jackson, The Chicken Dance, and Night Fever by the Bee Gees. Modelled and Textured by Sarah Richardson and Rigged by Charlotte Roberts.

Finished personal project. Cat with Laser Pointer. Still some problems with the skinning, but I'm still very happy with the end result. Also pleased with the slight echo on the sound. Modelling, Texturing and Rigging by Charlotte Roberts. Voiced by Daniel Cantore.

Finished Spy vs. Robot Fight sequence, now with Music by Grant James

Just a simple animation I made based on some game trailers a friend showed me. Song cover by Circus P.

Inspired by the RWBY animation and my own love for giant robots. The spy is named Monty, and the robot is call Jumbo.

Almost finished animation of Kitten playing with two bouncy balls, so cute. Still some work needed before final render though. Inspired by the first Pixar Animation short, Luxo Jr.

Animation finalised for Dancing Ostrich animation. Renders under way and music being edited as we speak.

Now that the Storyboarding is finished, It's on to the Animatic. This is my favorite part, I love seeing the drawings come to life.

The 3D Pre-Vis is a very rough animation, but it gives a much clearer idea of the camera angles and timing for each shot.

Animation finished, just the texturing to go.

7 weeks of work is now complete. This is the first big project of our third year in university.

Test set up using the Motion Builder software. Looking pretty dynamic.

Almost forgot about this character, I did not originally design her, I just found her turnaround sheet online randomly. But I did model, texture and rig her during my second year of university.

Just got bored one day, so I modeled, rigged and animated a creepy mannequin/robot arm... not entirely sure why, looks cool though.

This is the same Creepy Mannequin/Robot arm I made a little while ago, and this time it's taking some inspiration from the Adams family.

I made this little guy as part of my Max animation testing, we were supposed to just make a ball with legs and test out different walk cycles, and this little guy was born. I made him green and accidentally gave him bird legs so I gave him the name Kiwi.

This is an animation for my mate George. He dose some really cool game plays on his channel and this animation comes from this video.

This is the test Animatic for the fight scene I am creating for one of the projects for my final year of University. It's only an animatic and not a 2D animation, so it dose look a little choppy, but the timing is looking good, so now it's just a matter of animating it in 3D

This is the finalized timing and motion for my big fight scene, now I just need to figure out the lighting.

Simple test animation of the CAT Dragon from Max 2015

I get to animate a Dancing Ostrich, I'm already enjoying this. I was going for the kind of dancing you expect your dad to do at a wedding. Music yet to be decided

The inner-monologue of a cat when confronted with a laser pointer. Voiced by Daniel Cantore, he made up all of these lines on the spot, and I love them.


I have been studying animation for 4 years now, and these are some of my more recent works, I you would like to see more, then you can find them on my Youtube chanel. The link is on my Home page.